Welcome to the future home of Camelot RPI,
an Arthurian text-based role playing game.

Knight Templar

In a day of tragedy, King Uther Pendragon of Camelot lost his son Arthur in a battle against a dark sorcerer. Having already lost Igraine to magic, Uther loses control and slays the sorcerer himself. In a bout of sword and magic, King Uther is somehow changed.

It has been many years since that great battle, Uther remains young as he once was, not seeming to age. The wizards of the realm have fled. Merlin, Morgana and other key players in Arthurian legend have vanished without a trace.
Uther is relentlessly hunting down magic users from his kingdom. Druids, Seers and Sorcerers are not safe while Uther continues his vengeance against the ‘old religion’. Rumors abound that the gates of Avalon have been shaken and changed by his relentless hunt.
More to come…